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Do-you-Want-to-Cure-Cancer-Try-Strengthen-your-Immune-System Do you Want to Cure Cancer: Try Strengthen your Immune System

Cancer can be kept away if we are able to keep our immune system healthy and strong. Immune system includes the cells which are responsible […]

What-is-the-Role-of-Metastasis-Phase-in-Cancer-Treatment What is the Role of Metastasis Phase in Cancer Treatment?

The phase of cancer where its cure is different than its treatment is called as metastasis. If a patient has crossed this phase then the disease […]

What-is-Iodine-Radiation-for-Thyroid-Cancer What is Iodine Radiation for Thyroid Cancer?

Iodine radiation for thyroid cancer is also termed as radioactive iodine treatment. This treatment uses the radioactive iodine known as I-131 which helps in destroying […]

How to Treat Lipo Sarcoma?

Lipo sarcoma is the cancer of soft tissues (fat cells) which is usually malignant and has the tendency to spread beyond the site of origin. […]

7 Super Foods that Prevent Cancer

Are you aware of some food products which can cure cancer? If not, then here is an interesting finding. Foods that prevent cancer is the […]

Neurofibromatosis Treatment and Complications

Neurofibromatosis is a non cancerous tumor of the nervous cells. These tumors are mainly characterized by the presence of lesions all over the body or […]

Know More About Esophageal Cancer Surgery

The esophagus organ is present in the chest region of the body and is about 10 inches long. This is even the part of the […]

Sarcoma: Treatment and Prognosis

Sarcoma is a cancer of tissues like bone, muscle, cartilage, fat and all of these are known as connective tissues. Different names are given to […]

Treatments for Breast Cancer

Breast cancer starts from tissues of the breast. There are two types of breast cancer: Ductal carcinoma: This starts from the ducts or tubes that […]

Hormone Therapy for Breast Cancer

Drug treatments which targets the breast cancer sensitive for certain hormones are called as referred as hormone therapy for breast cancer . The most common […]