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What is Colorectal Cancer?

Colorectal cancer in normal word is cancer of bowel, which is characterized by neoplasia in rectum, colon or vermiform appendix. This cancer starts from the […]


Apoptosis in short and simple way is “programmed cell death”. This occurs in multi cellular organisms. This happens due to certain biochemical events which causes […]

What is Oncogenes?

Those genes which have the potential to cause cancers are called as oncogenes . These genes are present inside our body cells but in an […]

What is Blast Crisis – Symptoms and Criteria of Diagnosis

Chronic myelogenous leukemia (CML) is cancer which initially progresses slowly. Here, abnormal and immature white blood cells start growing in the bone marrow. In the […]

What is Neoplasm?

Neoplasm is an abnormal mass of tissue which results from an uncontrolled process of cell division (mitosis). Commonly the answer to What is Neoplasm would […]

What is Cancer Etiology?

Cancer Etiology means “Causes leading to cancer”. Abnormal or Uncontrolled divisions of cells are known as cancer, which happens due to various mutations or any […]

What is Carcinogenesis?

In literal sense, the term carcinogenesis refers to creation of cancer. It is a process in which a healthy normal cell undergoes changes at its […]

What is Soft Tissue Sarcoma?

Cancer of the connective tissues is technically known as soft tissue sarcoma . The cancer is rare by nature as less than one percent of […]

What is a Teratoma?

The germ layers are a group of cells which are formed during the development of embryo in the mother’s womb. Certain tumors appears in the […]