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Burkitt’s-Lymphoma-–-A-Detail-Discussion Burkitt’s Lymphoma – A Detail Discussion

B cells are a type of cells from the immune system which are primarily responsible for defending the body from foreign organisms. When these cells […]

What is Myxoid Liposarcoma?

Myxoid liposarcoma is a rare form of soft tissue (fat cells) cancer which usually causes no symptoms. There is presence of painless lumps which gradually […]

What is Liposarcoma?

The cancer of deep soft tissues (fat cells) is known as liposarcoma . These fat cells are usually seen in retroperitoneum (anatomical space of abdominal […]

What is Mouth Cancer?

Cancer or uncontrolled cell division of any part of the mouth is called mouth cancer. This cancer can affect gums, tongue, lips, inner lining of […]

What is Neurofibroma?

Neurofibroma is a genetic disorder or condition that interferes with the cell growth of the nervous system causing the formation of tumors on the nerve […]

What is Glomus Tumor – Locations of Tumor, Symptoms and Treatment

Glomus is a very rare form of tumor which has a benign vascular nature. The glomus unit is a type of neuro myoarterial structure whose […]

What is Salivary Gland Cancer?

Uncontrolled growth of the salivary gland cells lead to salivary gland cancer . This cancer can start from any of the salivary gland situated in […]

What is Eye Cancer?

An uncontrolled growth of cells forming the eyes is called as eye cancer. They are of many types depending upon the type and part of […]

What is cancer of the bile duct?

Cancer of the bile duct starts or originates from cells in the bile duct which grow in uncontrolled manner. This forms a big mass like […]

What is Sarcoma?

Sarcoma is a kind of cancer that starts in tissues like bone, muscle, cartilage, fat and all of these are even known as connective tissues. […]