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How-Cancer-Spreads-to-Other-Part-of-the-Body How Cancer Spreads to Other Part of the Body?

Cancer cells have the tendency to spread to other part of the body from the site of their origin. This mechanism of the cancerous cell […]

What are Polyps of Colon?

Small balloon like structures, which binds together and form the clumps of cell, lining the colon is called as polyps of colon . Usually these […]

Definition of Cancer

Definition of Cancer , in simple words is the uncontrolled division of cells. Human body is made of millions of cells. Each organ is made […]

Why is Heart Cancer an Extremely Rare Ailment?

Cancer can affect any organ in the body. Though the exact origin of this prevalent health threat is a subject of research, there are certain […]

Characteristics and Properties of Cancer Cells

A tumor is an abnormal overgrowth of tissues. It is autonomous, independent and uncontrolled growth of tissues consisting of a chunk of abnormal cells. Like […]

What is Cancer Metastasis?

The stage of the cancer ailment which separates its cure from the treatment is technically known as metastasis. Once a patient is found to be […]

Complete List of Cancer Types A-Z According to the NCI

Cancer is a term referring to a class of diseases. Here, rogue cells are produced in the body which have three characteristics properties. They can […]

What is Cancer – Basics, Causes, Formation of a Cancer Cell, Onset of the Disease

Cancer is a class of diseases which can affect people of all ages. In 90-95 percent cases, lifestyle and environmental factors cause the disease. Some […]