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Do-you-Want-to-Cure-Cancer-Try-Strengthen-your-Immune-System Do you Want to Cure Cancer: Try Strengthen your Immune System

Cancer can be kept away if we are able to keep our immune system healthy and strong. Immune system includes the cells which are responsible […]

What-is-the-Role-of-Metastasis-Phase-in-Cancer-Treatment What is the Role of Metastasis Phase in Cancer Treatment?

The phase of cancer where its cure is different than its treatment is called as metastasis. If a patient has crossed this phase then the disease […]

What-is-Iodine-Radiation-for-Thyroid-Cancer What is Iodine Radiation for Thyroid Cancer?

Iodine radiation for thyroid cancer is also termed as radioactive iodine treatment. This treatment uses the radioactive iodine known as I-131 which helps in destroying […]

What-are-the-Symptoms-of-Thyroid-Cancer What are the Symptoms of Thyroid Cancer?

Thyroid is a very small and important gland of our body which is situated at the base of our neck region, just below the Adam’s […]

How-Cancer-Spreads-to-Other-Part-of-the-Body How Cancer Spreads to Other Part of the Body?

Cancer cells have the tendency to spread to other part of the body from the site of their origin. This mechanism of the cancerous cell […]

Burkitt’s-Lymphoma-–-A-Detail-Discussion Burkitt’s Lymphoma – A Detail Discussion

B cells are a type of cells from the immune system which are primarily responsible for defending the body from foreign organisms. When these cells […]

How to Treat Lipo Sarcoma?

Lipo sarcoma is the cancer of soft tissues (fat cells) which is usually malignant and has the tendency to spread beyond the site of origin. […]

What is Myxoid Liposarcoma?

Myxoid liposarcoma is a rare form of soft tissue (fat cells) cancer which usually causes no symptoms. There is presence of painless lumps which gradually […]

What is Liposarcoma?

The cancer of deep soft tissues (fat cells) is known as liposarcoma . These fat cells are usually seen in retroperitoneum (anatomical space of abdominal […]

Chondrosarcoma – Stages, Types and its Treatment

Bone cancer which starts from the cartilage tissues (attached with the bones) is known as chondrosarcoma . It is a type of rare bone cancer. […]