What is Liposarcoma?

The cancer of deep soft tissues (fat cells) is known as


. These fat cells are usually seen in retroperitoneum (anatomical space of abdominal cavity) or inside the thighs and limbs. This is a rare form of sarcoma which is cancerous (malignant) and is found mostly among elder people (50 to 65 years). This tumor is large and bulky and has a small satellite which spreads beyond the originating site of tumor.

What are the Symptoms of Liposarcoma?

Patients suffering from this condition have a deep seated body mass on their fat tissues. The symptoms are usually seen when the tumor becomes large and painful. It leads to many functional disturbances. Retroperitoneum sarcoma shows the signs of abdominal pain, weight loss and emaciation (loss of fat and muscle tissues). In few cases, this cancer (occurring inside the abdomen) causes pressure on urethra and kidney which leads to kidney failure.

How to diagnose this Fat Cell Sarcoma?

Histological examination (also known as excisional biopsy or biopsy) of the soft tissues is the best method to diagnose this cancer. The biopsy shows the presence of lipoblast. These lipoblast cells have multi vacuolated cytoplasm with eccentric dark nucleus along with vacuoles.

What is the Prognosis report of Liposarcoma?

This depends on various factors:

  • Type of cancerous cells
  • Site of tumor
  • Size of tumor
  • Proximity and depth of lymph nodes present inside the soft tissues

If the sarcoma is well differentiated, then treating them with surgery and radiation therapy gives only 10% recurrence rate and controls its metastatic nature as well. Depending on the histological examination and the subtype of sarcoma, survival rates vary from 39% to 100%.

It is always better to prevent occurrence of fat tissue sarcoma. Exercising regularly from young age itself will keep you healthy and fit. Moreover, regular fitness program will keep cancer like


, far from you!!!

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