Chondrosarcoma – Stages, Types and its Treatment

Bone cancer which starts from the cartilage tissues (attached with the bones) is known as


. It is a type of rare bone cancer. This type of bone cancer accounts for 20% of primary malignant tumor of bone and is the 2nd in league of bone cancers after osteosarcoma. It was first discovered in 1930 by the doctors of the American College of Surgeons.

How many forms of this cancer exist?

There are two different forms, namely:

    1. Primary form:

      This constitutes 75% of this cancer.

    2. Secondary form:

      These are related to other parts of body:

      • Osteochondromatosis (known as exostosis).
      • An example of multiple endochondromatosis is Ollier’s Syndrome and Maffuci’s syndrome.
      • Condroblastoma.

What are the Growth Stages of Chondrosarcoma?

This sarcoma originates from the small cartilage cells during the primary stage. It slowly develops into a benign tumorous cell during the secondary phase. They can even metastasize to lungs and other organs of the body. In few cases, they originate from soft tissues without involving any bone. This form is more common in males and is mostly seen in elderly people.

What is the different site of origins?

      • Shoulder girdle
      • Sternum and vertebrae
      • Pelvic girdle
      • Axial Skeleton or central skeleton
      • Ribs

What are the Treatments for Chondrosarcoma?

      • Initial diagnosis is done with the help of X-rays; this helps to know the damages caused due to this cancer.
      • Radiograph helps in differentiating the growth of tumor with the tissue inflammations. These two often cause wrong diagnosis.
      • Surgery is the best treatment for curing this cancer instead of going for radiotherapy or chemotherapy.

This is a rare form of bone cancer which starts as a small lump of mass. If you observe any such mass or lump in your body, make sure to see a doctor and get the diagnosis done.

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