7 Super Foods that Prevent Cancer

Are you aware of some food products which can cure cancer? If not, then here is an interesting finding.

Foods that prevent cancer

is the new age discovery. Usually people are aware of only one fact that cancer is incurable and needs different therapies to control the abnormal cells multiplication. But, the surprising and true finding is there are many natural foods, which if consumed on a daily basis, will prevent the onset of cancer.

What are the 7 super Foods That Prevent Cancer?

  • Garlic:

    This particular food has high content of sulfur in it which gives it a strong odor. This high content of sulfur is the reason behind its being a cancer saver food item. This sulfur inhibits the formation of cancer causing substances within the body, speeds the repairing of DNA and destroys the cancerous cells. Garlic fights back a bacterium called H.pylori (related to stomach cancer) and even controls the risk of colon cancer.

  • Broccoli:

    This falls under the cruciferous family of vegetables (cabbage, cauliflower, kale etc) and contains a phytochemical known as glucosinolates. Broccoli produces a protective enzyme called sulforaphane, when we chew them. This enzyme ruptures the cell walls of cancerous cells. Glucosinolate also detoxifies the entire body against the smoke and other environmental pollutants. This even act as an antimicrobial agent, fighting against bacterium H.pylori. Broccoli is protective against cancer of esophagus, mouth and stomach. This one raw veggie is under the scanner of researchers all over the world.

  • Tomatoes:

    This is the most potential weapon against prostate cancer. The red color pigment found in tomatoes is known as lycopene. This is a powerful antioxidant as well as a phytochemical. In various experiments, lycopenes has stopped the growth of certain cancerous cells. Lycopene protects the cells from getting damaged that could cause cancer by boosting the immune system. Processed tomatoes are better source for fighting against cancer, as they make the cancer fighting compound available to the body.

  • Strawberries:

    These are very rich in antioxidants. It is said that strawberries and black raspberry has shown surprising results in recent cancer research. Both the food items have slowed down the growth of cancerous cells. Strawberry is rich in vitamin C and ellagic acid. These ellagic acids have anticancer property which boosts the enzymes destroying the cancerous cells. Strawberry even has high content of flavonoids; these suppress enzymes that are linked to lung cancer.

  • Carrots:

    These have high level of beta carotenes which protects the cell membrane damage from harmful toxins. This even retards the growth of cancerous cells. They are rich in nutrients which fight against many harmful diseases. The phytochemical present in them can fight against HPV (human papilloma virus) which are the main cause of cervical cancer. Cooked carrots are better than the raw ones, as the cooked carrots supply more antioxidants which can reach the cells easily.

  • Spinach:

    This particular super nutrient food is high in lutein, zeaxanthine and carotenoids. These carotenoids remove the free radicals from our body before they damage the body cells. Spinach decreases the risk of ovarian, colorectal, lung and endometrial cancer due to these compounds being present in them. It has got one more substance called folate, which repairs damaged DNA and produces new cells. High level of lutein is found in spinach when it’s raw or very lightly cooked. Spinach is the most important dietary requirement for pregnant ladies as it controls the neural tube defect of a developing fetus.

  • Whole Grains:

    These are very high in dietary fiber which helps to overcome colorectal cancer. White breads are harmful as they contain refined grains. Wheat breads, which are made of 100% wheat, are the best source of fibers. Wheat breads along with sesame and flax seeds are the best

    foods that prevent cancer

    of colon.

Don’t wait for getting diagnosed with cancer and then start the consumption of super foods. Start it right now and never get diagnosed for cancer!!!

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