What is Lacrimal Gland Tumor?

Lacrimal gland is the tear secreting gland of eye which is situated just above and towards the side of eye. When the cells of this gland start multiplying in an uncontrolled way, they produce a mass of tissue which is called

lacrimal gland tumor

. This tumor can be malignant in nature (cancerous and can spread to other body parts as well) or benign in nature (non cancerous with only mass growth).

What are the Different Types of Lacrimal Gland Tumor?

There are four types of tumor associated with the lacrimal glands and they are described below:

  1. Benign Epithelial Tumor:

    This is a non-cancerous tumor which is benign in nature and does not spread to different parts of the body. But, this continues to grow if the treatment has not started on time. This benign mixed epithelial cancer starts from the cells which forms the external line of the gland.

  2. Malignant Epithelial Tumor:

    This tumor also starts from epithelial cell of the gland but have the tendency to spread to different body parts due to its malignant nature.

  3. Lymphoma:

    This involves the various parts of the eye, but the commonly affected part is the conjunctiva (this is the mucous membrane of eye which forms the inner surface of eyelids and forms the outer layer of the white portion of eye) and the lacrimal gland. Most of the ocular lymphoma is non – Hodgkin type and is related with the central or systemic system.

  4. ADCC(Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma):

    This is the rare form of adeno carcinoma which arises from the glandular tissue of organ. This is characterized by a very unique pattern in which the bundles of epithelial tissues invade or surround the glandular tissue within the organ. When the eye suffers from ADCC tumor, it gets pushed forward and bulges outward. This condition is called as proptosis. Since the nerve of the eye gets invaded, there is immense pain in this type of tumor.

Lacrimal gland tumor

is a very rare form of cancer and can be treated with the advanced operative methods very successfully.

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