What is Eye Cancer?

An uncontrolled growth of cells forming the eyes is called as eye cancer. They are of many types depending upon the type and part of eye cell.

What are the Parts of Eye which gets Cancer?

The eye has three important parts namely:

  • The eyeball
  • The adnexal
  • The orbit structures

What are the Types of Eye Cancer?

These are of different kinds:

    1. Intraocular Cancers:

      This is divided into two subtypes:

      • Primary intraocular cancers:

        This occurs inside the eyeball. In grown up people, this is also called as melanoma followed by intraocular lymphoma.In kids, retinoblastoma (Retino is retina of eye) is the common one under this type.

      • Secondary intraocular:

        These are the cancers that start from some other part of body and then reach to the eye. They are false eye cancer as they do not start from eye but is the spread of cancer from other parts of body. Cancers of lungs and Breast are the ones which mostly spread to eyes. Mostly it spread to the part of the eyeball called the uvea.

      • Melanoma of the Eye:

        It’s famously known as intraocular melanoma and is a type of tumor that affects the ball region of eye in adults. When melanoma occurs in the eyeball, it is mostly in the area called as uvea, which is why it’s even called as uveal melanomas. As per the cancer journals, 99 percent of these melanomas start in the choroid. Rest of the intraocular melanomas affects the iris. These melanomas are very slow growing and they hardly spread to other portions of the body. For the above mentioned reasons, iris melanomas have a good data of prognosis.

These are made up of two kinds of cells, namely:

    • Spindle cells:

      They are thin, long cells.

    • Epithelioid cells:

      These are round with few straight edges.Most tumors are compromised of both the cells. This tumor metastasize to different and distant sites

  1. Lymphoma of Eye:

    When there is uncontrolled division of lymphocytes cells of eye it s called as lymphoma of eye. It starts at the lymph nodes which look like bean-sized structure of immune system. Anyhow, these can start from the internal organs such as lungs, the stomach, and very rarely from the eyes.

  2. Orbit and adnexal cancer:

    Multiple growth of the orbit and adnexal starts from tissues like muscle, nerve tissues and skin near the eyeball and other parts of the body. The best example to explain is tumor of the eyelids which falls under skin cancers.

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