Hormone Cancer Therapy

Hormones are the substances that occur in body naturally and control the activities and growth of body. Hormones have been well researched to utilize it’s capability for the benefits of human beings. One such benefit of hormones is

“Hormone Cancer Therapy”

which is mainly useful for females. Oestrogen and progesterone are produced by female ovaries before the menopause. After the menopause these hormones are produced in lesser quantities. Oestrogen is the main hormone which stimulates the cancer cells in breast. Hence, controlling the level of these hormones in females can help fight breast cancer in female at different stages:

  • Before the surgery:

    In this condition the oestrogen is used to shrink the size of the tumor. This is helpful for women who all are oestrogen receptor positive. These receptors bind the hormonal drug and cause the shrinkage of the tumor which can be removed easily through lumpectomy instead of removing the whole breast.

  • After the surgery:

    This is the best time for the hormone cancer therapy as this therapy has proved high success rate by showing lesser reoccurrence cases. Usually this therapy is prescribed fro five years.

  • If the treated cancer has spread or reoccurred after the first treatment.

What are the Types of Hormone Cancer Therapy?

There are many types of hormones which are used as the primary breast cancer treatment:

  1. Aromatase inhibitors:

    This drug is for womens who have had their menopause. These are use for:

    • Early breast cancer
    • Preventing the breast cancer
  2. Luteinising hormone for stopping the functions of ovaries or by removing the ovaries.
  3. Tamoxifen:

    This is a hormone which has been developed thirty years ago . This inhibits the oestrogen from signaling the breast cancer cells to grow. So this helps in controlling the reoccurrence of cancer once the treatment is done. Taking tamoxifen improves the survival rate in women having oestrogen receptor positive cells.

  4. Hormone cancer therapy

    is one of the best and safest treatment for women suffering from breast cancer.

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