What are Polyps of Colon?

Small balloon like structures, which binds together and form the clumps of cell, lining the colon is called as

polyps of colon

. Usually these polyps don’t show any symptoms and hence it’s always advisable to go for regular screening. If they are found during the early stages then it’s easily and safely removed. If found during later stages then they even proves fatal.

Polyps of Colon usually occur in:

  • People who are heavy smokers.
  • Over weight people.
  • People eating high fat and low fiber food.
  • Women who have crossed 50 years.
  • Family members having polyp’s history.

What are the Symptoms for Polyps of Colon?

Polyps can vary in size ranging from small peas size to as big as ball of golf. Small polyps do not cause many problems than the bigger polyps. The symptoms include:

  • Bleeding of Rectal:

    Rectal bleeding can be seen during your bowel while using the toilet papers. This may be the sign of colon cancer or polyps. However, it even stands as a symptom for hemorrhoids, fissure of your anus.

  • Blood Streaks in Stools:

    This might be also an indication for colon polyps but can’t be considered as symptom. But, it’s always advised to see your doctor if such case persist.

  • Constipation or Loss motions:

    These indicate the presence of large colon polyp but can also be the result of other conditions.

  • Obstruction or Pain while passing bowel. Large colon polyps obstruct the bowel movement causing abdominal cramps and pain. Nausea and vomiting are also the indications for the same.


These might turn to malignant cancerous polyp causing colon cancer. Hence, it’s always better to remove the polyps the moment they are diagnosed. There are certain medicines available which even melt the polyps so that they are thrown out of your body along with the bowel. Consulting your doctor would be the best idea for knowing the medicine according to your suitability.

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