Definition of Cancer

Definition of Cancer

, in simple words is the uncontrolled division of cells. Human body is made of millions of cells. Each organ is made up of millions of cells and these cells keep refreshing themselves from time to time. They under apoptosis (program cell death) in which the old cells gets removed from the body and the new ones replaces them. Now, in this process of removal of old cells and coming of new cells, if there is any blockage which leads to no death of old cells and the new cells keep pouring in, it’s called as cancer. Our body organs, from top of our body to the toe of the body, have particular amount of cells that constitute their size. If these cells keep forming without the removal of older cells than the size and the function of the particular organ gets disturbed and finally it fails to operator leading to dire consequences. One organ failure even leads to death of human being as all the functionality of entire body is linked with each other.
Since, our entire body is made up of many organs covered under the skin; each of them can become cancerous.

Definition of cancer

can be more précised if we know which body part the cancer is associated with. Hence, it’s important to define cancer depending on the organ it has affected.

Definition of Cancer Depending on the Types and Organ Affected:

Let’s start from the head of our body till the toes to know the types of cancer:

  1. Head and Face:

    Our first and most important part of body. They get affected from following common cancer:

    • Brain Tumor
    • Eye Cancer
    • Ear Cancer
    • Facial Skin Cancer
    • Mouth or Oral Cancer
  2. Neck :

    The main cancer associated with this region is the Throat cancer and the Thyroid cancer.

  3. Chest Region:

    Lung cancer is the most common cancer associated with chest portion of human body. In women breast cancer is the common danger.

  4. Stomach:

    Following are the cancers of Stomach region :

    • Colon cancer including small intestine and large intestine
    • Pancreatic cancer
    • Spleen cancer
    • Kidney and Liver cancer
  5. Anal :

    Anal cancer for both men and women.

With these, there are other commonly know cancers which affects most of the population:

  • Blood cancer:

    Leukemia and lymphoma cancer, multiple myeloma.

  • Bone cancer:

    It’s a rare cancer which primarily affects the children and teens. Osteosarcoma is the common one associated with bone.

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