What are the Squamous Cell Carcinoma Symptoms?

When cancer occurs in the tissues which line the inner and outer layers of an organ, it is technically called as squamous cell carcinoma. It is the most common type of cancer occurring to the humans. Vagina, lungs, cervix, skin, mouth, lips, urinary bladder, esophagus and prostate are some of the organs commonly affected with the

squamous cell carcinoma symptoms

. This article tries to gain further insight on this subject.

Squamous Cell Carcinoma Symptoms

What are the Squamous Cell Carcinoma Symptoms?

  • A small nodule which turns into an ulcer over a period of time
  • The abnormal growth has no apparent signs or is asymptomatic in the initial stages
  • Slowly growing ulcer or reddish plaque on the skin
  • Bleeding from the affected site especially if it is the lips
  • Signs vary considerably from person to person on case to case basis
  • The tumor is in the form of a lesion which has raised and hard edges
  • The tumor can be in the form of a plaque with small blood vessels of its own
  • The growth can be present under the skin and becomes ulcerous, invading surrounding tissues
  • The most common sites where the tumor grows are the regions which get exposed under the sun
  • Thick and scaly patches can form on the skin
  • The growth of the abnormal structure is relatively slow in the initial stages
  • When compared to basal cell carcinoma, the present type of cancer has more risk of spreading to fresh and remote locations of the body, technically which is called metastasis
  • One third of the tumors of this category under go metastasis from their primary site of origin to distinct sites of the body
  • Scars and mucosa especially in the lips are at higher risk of undergoing metastasis


The best possible way to diagnose the

squamous cell carcinoma symptoms

is by carrying out biopsy of the suspected location.

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