What is Hyperthermia Treatment of Cancer?

There are several research studies carried all over the world to treat cancer ailment.

Hyperthermia cancer treatment

is one such therapy to address malignancy of cells. The biggest challenge faced by it is to ensure that it is quite efficient in its objective and has very less side effects. As of now,

hyperthermia cancer treatment

is used in combination with the standard treatments of neoplasm, namely the radiation treatment and the chemotherapy. This article tries to gain further insight on this subject.

Hyperthermia Cancer Treatment

What is Hyperthermia Treatment of Cancer?

It is a modality where heat is used to kill the rogue cells or make them sensitive to either powerful energy waves or anti-cancer drugs. They are exposed to a temperature of 113 degrees Fahrenheit. It is an adjuvant therapy which enhances the effectiveness of the standard treatments. The following are the ways in which this therapy aids radiation therapy and chemotherapy:

  • Compact and disorganized cancer cells cannot dissipate heat easily.
  • When they are exposed to high temperatures, rise in heat destroys them (technically called apoptosis) while the normal cells successfully manage to release excess heat from their structures.
  • The rogue cells which manage to survive even after being exposed to high temperatures get weakened.
  • Small dosage of radiation of anti-cancer drugs can kill them. Owing to this reason, hyperthermia is an adjuvant therapy.
  • High temperature destroys the structure of proteins vital for the survival of malignant cells.
  • These rogue cells divide slowly and become increasingly susceptible to radiation as a response to the heat shock.
  • This treatment increases the flow of oxygen rich blood by ten times in healthy cells and by two times in malignant cells.
  • In this way, the rogue cells become more sensitive to radiation and cannot repair the damage caused by the intense energy waves in them.
  • Research studies have proved that cancer cells cannot tolerate heat in comparison to normal healthy cells.
  • Moreover, other stress factors surrounding them like low oxygen availability, disorganized blood vessels, high acid concentration and lower availability of nutrition compel them to undergo natural death.


Hyperthermia cancer treatment

is found to be effective in addressing certain types of cancer only. Further studies are in process to enhance and extend its benefits for treating multiple types of neoplasm.

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