What is the Stage-Wise Survival Rate of Cervical Cancer?

The prognosis of an ailment follows its diagnosis. The rate of survival is part of the former aspect. Survival rate of cervical cancer has improved in the recent times owing to the improvement in screening techniques and awareness of the disease in women.

An important factor deciding the outlook of this cancer is its stage. This article tries to gain further insight on the five years rate of survival of cervical cancer patients based on the stage of this ailment.

What are the Stages of Cervical Cancer?

Based on the staging system followed by the International Federation of Gynecology and Obstetrics (IFGO), cancer in the cervix is classified in the following way:

S.No. Stage of the Cervical Cancer Areas Affected
1. 0 Cells on the surface
2. 1 Confined to the Cervix
3. 1A Lesions are not visible
4. 1A1 Supporting structures of the epithelial cells infected 3mm in depth and 7mm in width
5. 1A2 Infection is 3-5mm in depth and spreads 7mm horizontally
6. 1B Lesions are visible with dimension more than 5mm in depth and 7mm in width
7. 1B1 Lesion’s dimension is 4cm or less
8. 1B2 Size of the lesion is more than 4cm
9. Stage 2 Cancer spreads beyond the cervix
10. Stage 2A 66 percent of upper vagina is affected
11. Stage 2B Parametrium tissues are also affected
12. Stage 3 Lower segment of the Vagina is also affected
13. Stage 3A Walls of the Pelvis are affected
14. Stage 3B Kidneys stop functioning owing to the swelling of the pelvis
15. Stage 4 Cancer Spreads beyond Vagina
16. Stage 4A Cancer Spreads beyond Pelvis
17. Stage4B Cancer Spreads to lungs and abdomen

What is the Five Years Survival Rate of Cervical Cancer Based on IFGO Staging System?

Depending upon the above mentioned stage-wise progression of the disease, the survival rate of the patient from the time of diagnosis of cervical cancer is as follows:

S.No. Stage of Cervical Cancer Five Year Survival Rate
1. 1A 96-99
2. 1B 80-90
3. 2 65-69
4. 3 40-43
5. 4 15-20


Fortunately the survival rate of cervical cancer is higher when compared to other cancer types. Vaccination about HPV virus and routine Pep test by women in advanced countries have reduced the incidences of this cancer below 50 percent in recent times.

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