What is Chemotherapy Hair Loss

One of the standard treatments available for cancer is Chemotherapy. It involves using potent anti-cancer drugs to kill the rogue cells. This remedy is partially effective most of the time in its objective. There are certain unavoidable side effects associated with this popular remedy.

Chemotherapy hair loss

is one such price which a patient pays after undergoing this treatment.

Within the second and third week of a patient undergoing the first phase of this treatment, loss of hair commences. There are no known ways of preventing this undesirable consequence of chemotherapy. However, the lost hair can grow back within a period of three to six months.

How Chemotherapy Hair Loss Takes Place?

Awareness is an important part of any treatment. The knowledge of why the hair loss takes place after undergoing this remedy can reduce the anguish considerably.

Chemotherapy works by targeting an important property of the malignant cancer cells. It identifies a malignant cell by relying on the fact that cancer cells divide very rapidly. On entering the body, any chemotherapy drug starts targeting rapidly dividing cells and kills them.

But, there are certain normal cells in the body associated with various parts and organs which by their very nature grow rapidly. The roots of the hair or the hair follicles are one such type of cells. Unfortunately, the chemotherapy drugs cannot distinguish these cells from the rogue ones. Owing to this reason, these follicles are destroyed by the potent chemicals.

As the hair does not receive any nourishment from the roots, a condition called


or hair loss occurs. Depending on the dosage and the type of drugs, the hair loss can happen either quickly or slowly.


The new hair that grows after

chemotherapy hair loss

can be different in texture, color and in other aspects when compared to the hair of the patient prior to the treatment.

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