How Does Smoking Cause Cancer?

The National Cancer Institute states that 222,520 people were diagnosed with lung cancer in 2010 in the United States. For 157,300 people, it was too late to save their lives. This article tries to understand

how does smoking cause cancer

in the lungs. In 90 percent of cases, consumption of tobacco in some form or the other is the primary reason for this cancer to develop.

In May 2008, experts from the Oregon Health and Science University Cancer Institute found how malignant cells develop in the lungs when the organ is exposed to the smoke of the cigarettes.

What Research Learnt on How Does Smoking Cause Cancer?

  • The Oregon researchers found that the production of a vital protein


    is reduced when the lungs get exposed to the cigarette smoke.

  • Low presence of this protein is found in the study to cause damage to the DNA structure of the genes.
  • The normal function of this vital protein is to inhibit the growth of cancer.
  • FANCD2 protein does so by repairing the damages which occur in the DNA.
  • This protein also forces the malignant or rogue cells of cancer to commit suicide.
  • Genes are the chemical instructions followed by cells to perform their tasks.
  • These instructions are made up of fundamental molecules called DNAs.
  • Other fundamental molecules RNAs read the DNA instruction and produce proteins.
  • The latter are the substances which carry out the instructions to the respective tasks apparently.

What is the Time Period for the DNA Damage to Initiate?

Researchers in January 2011 found that the damage in the DNA commences within 15-30 minutes of the absorption of the cigarette smoke. Results of their findings were published in the journal Chemical Research in Toxicology by the American Chemical Society. The research effort was funded by the National Cancer Institute.

They reported of a class of harmful substances in the tobacco smoke known as the polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons or the PAHs. One of the types of PAHs, the phenanthrene, dissolves in the blood very quickly and forms a toxic substance. This harmful substance in turn destroys the DNA of the lung cells by causing mutation.


Apart from these research evidences, an important fact to remember on

how does smoking cause cancer

is that it is associated with 18 different forms of this dreadful ailment.

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  1. Smoking is injurious and the probabilities of the cancer detection in smokers are relatively high and so are the aging limit will decrease in the nicotine addicts. Thanks for sharing this post!!

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