What is Carcinogenesis?

In literal sense, the term


refers to creation of cancer. It is a process in which a healthy normal cell undergoes changes at its genetic levels followed by alteration in its basic functions. Ultimately, it is called a rogue or malignant cell. Chunk of such cancer cells is technically called a tumor.

There are two types of tumor. They are namely benign and malignant. The former is mass of abnormally grown cells. If these cells acquire the abilities like interfering with the normal functions of other cells and spreading the disease to the fresh locations of the body, they are called malignant or cancerous.

While benign tumor do not pose any threat to the body mostly, presence of cancerous cells require immediate medical attention to save the life of the individual.

What is Carcinogenesis?

Cells in our body are the building blocks of the latter. They perform their tasks by following chemical instructions called chromosomes. Chunk of chromosomes forms a gene. These chromosomes are structures made up of molecules called the DNAs.

These instructions are read by other fundamental molecules called the RNAs. After reading the chromosomes of the genes, the RNAs produce proteins. These are the chemicals which finally carry out the instructed functions of the cells.

Due to certain environmental factors over which no controllable can be executed, the molecules in the chromosomes change their assigned sites in a gene. This change in the genetic structure leads to the production of proteins which alter the basic functions of the cells. This process is technically called the mutation.

Some of the affected functions of the normal cells are they do not divide at a controlled rate. They do not die at a specified period of time as programmed in them. This undesirable event disturbs the balance between the new and aged cells. Presence of abnormally growing cells which do not undergo natural programmed death is called cancer.


However, it takes several mutations and change in the structure of more than one gene for the disease to onset. Thus,


is a gradual process with an uncertain origin.

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