What is Spindle Cell Sarcoma Cancer?

When the cells of the connective tissues of our body turn malignant, the condition is known as sarcoma. If the affected cells are of spindle shape, the condition is known as spindle cell sarcoma. The symptoms of this cancer are very general like fatigue and malaise. Other signs of this condition vary depending upon the site, size and stage of the sarcoma tumor of the spindle cells.

Early diagnosis is very beneficial but unfortunately not possible in most of the times as the signs remain either latent or mimic the symptoms of other ailments.

What is Spindle Cell Sarcoma Cancer?

Generally, these cells are released by the body when it gets injured. They are part of the connective tissues of the wounded site. They divide into a predetermined number quickly in order to heal the wound in normal circumstances.

When cancer affects these cells, they grow at an uncontrollable rate and form a chunk of malignant cells called the spindle cell tumor. A patient can be genetically predisposed to get this cancer or might develop it owing to other uncontrollable factors. Injury and inflammation are couple of liabilities in patients already predisposed to this ailment because of their genes.

What is the Prognosis of Spindle Cell Sarcoma?

Cells of the connective tissues under the skin, in between the muscles and the surrounding organs develop small swellings and form the tumor. In stage 1, this tumor is confined to a specific site in the body.

As the spindle cells turn malignant, the symptoms spread to other parts of the body. A diagnostic test called biopsy can confirm this development. A small portion of the tumor is cut and placed under powerful microscope. Presence of spindle shaped rogue cells proves the onset of this sarcoma cancer.

The tumor at an early stage can be removed successfully and the prognosis is very good. However, when the disease advances to stage 2 or 3, the outlook is very grim. Remote locations and vital organs like liver, kidneys and lungs get affected in these stages. The five year survival rate of the patient reduces drastically as a consequence.


Chemotherapy and radiation therapy are the Spindle cell sarcoma treatments available. Unfortunately, these remedies are partially effective in curbing the cancer on their application in the later stages of diagnosis.

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