What is Liver Hemangioma – Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis and Treatment

The swelling or the rough lumps over the surface of the skin are hemangioma, which may also affect the liver. The condition

liver hemangioma

is not a life threatening tumor (benign) which is of unknown origin. It affects the line blood vessels in the initial stages.

According to an estimation, 7 percent of healthy people may get affected with this condition in their lifetime, while 30 percent of them are born with it. Usually, babies of age 2-4 years get affected with benign hemangioma and it is known to reduce by the age of 10.

Causes and Complications of Liver Hemangioma:

This tumour may develop after birth or sometimes while the baby is in the mother’s womb. There are arguments that hepatic (liver) hemangioma is a consequence of congenital disorders (conditions present from the time of birth) while few say that it occurs due to the hormonal imbalance. Doctors are yet to find the exact reasons behind these arguments as there are no proofs for both.

The common notable symptoms of hepatic hemangioma are liver enlargement, pain and dizziness. However, doctors also warn that excessive bleeding may occur near the liver, due to the rupture of these tumor in larger sizes i.e., 5cms or more. Nevertheless, such chronic cases are rare and could be treated based on the severity. The abnormal growth of endothelial (on the surface) cells, the cells that line the blood vessels, may cause hemangioma of the liver. Chances are that, it develops in the left lobe of the liver than the right one.

The most appropriate and ideal tests to detect hemangioma of liver are through ultrasonography, CT, MRI or nuclear medicine scan.

Treatment of Hepatic Hemangioma:

  • The growth of benign tumor in the liver could be reduced by using drugs and steroids. However, there aren’t enough proofs that the risk factors that cause it including age, sex, hormonal imbalance and theraupic drugs show positive results.
  • Laser treatment, corticosteroids, cryosurgery, plastic surgery are all credible treatments for this condition.
  • There are a few side effects like bronchospasm and blockage of trachea which further may need additional treatment.


liver hemangioma

subsides and disappears on its own with minimal skin damage or no visible marks. This stands the best treatment and is justified that it is one of the systematic and natural treatments. This may happen in 5-10 years of span, experts conclude.

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