Endodermal Sinus Tumor Symptoms

Children below the age of three are most commonly affected with

endodermal sinus tumor symptoms

. This ailment is a form of cancer caused by certain germ cells. Adults are diagnosed with this disease rarely. The outlook of this cancer is very good in children as the tumor is benign or non-cancerous by nature. However, in adults, the tumor is malignant and has very poor prognosis. The other name for the chunk of these cancerous cells is yolk sac tumor.

Symptoms are the indicators of any ailment. Though it is difficult to find the signs of any cancer, early diagnosis increases the chance of treatment and possible cure by many folds. This article lists the symptoms of yolk sac tumor.

Endodermal Sinus Tumor Symptoms:

  • Without any signs in the initial stages or asymptomatic
  • Swelling of the testicles
  • Rise in the alpha-fetoprotein level in the blood
  • Swelling of the buttocks
  • Vomiting
  • Headache
  • Nausea
  • Double vision
  • Hydrocephalus
  • Fever
  • Cough
  • Chest pain
  • Difficulty in walking
  • Difficulty in breathing
  • Changes in bowel habits
  • Tiredness
  • Difficulty in moving eyes
  • Sweating in nights
  • Weight loss
  • Arm pain
  • Shoulder pain
  • Abdominal mass
  • Hoarseness
  • Unusual bleeding from the Vagina
  • In-coordination
  • Fecal incontinence

Diagnosis of Yolk Sac Tumor:

Tools used for finding this cancer reveal the presence of malignant endodermal cells. These cells release alpha-fetoprotein chemical into the tissues, blood, urine and fluids of the nervous system. Detection of this substance in various fluids of the body can confirm the onset of the signs of this cancer. Biopsy is also one of the available tools of diagnosis.


Awareness of the

endodermal sinus tumor symptoms

can prove to be handy in diagnosis of the ailment as they are latent in the early stages. Surgery can remove the yolk sac tumor in such cases and chemotherapy can ensure that the recurrence of the disease does not take place.

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